Halloween at the Dance Studio

Wednesday when Mallory & Clara went to dance they got to wear their costumes, and actually took their classes in their costumes.  It was the cutest thing.  Clara remembered her costume, but several little girls did not, so they drug out a big box of tutus from recitals gone by, & the little girls could […]

Tuesday Afternoon Pix

Tuesday afternoon when Mallory & Clara got here after school, we got busy on our final Halloween craft of the year.  Actually Mal has been sick for a couple of days with a severe sinus headache, so we thought she might just want us to stay at their house & let her rest, but she […]

Haunted Trail 2014

What a fun, fun time we had Saturday evening when all the kids & grandkids, and a few additional family members and friends, joined us for Jeff’s annual Haunted Trail.  He really does make it bigger and better every year.  Everyone arrives all decked out in their Halloween finery, so we can get pictures, and […]

Making Candy

Friday the schools in town were closed for parent teacher conference day, so June & Mason were here most of the day.  We spent the morning making candy to take to church for the Light Up the Night Festival Saturday night.  We weren’t able to be there – it was the night of the Haunted […]

June’s Last Softball Game

Thursday night June finished up her fall ball season.  It’s been fun seeing how much those little girls have improved over the course of the season, and especially seeing how much some of them love it.  We will miss going to the games, but it’s not long until time for basketball season!  Here she is […]

Hat Day

This is Red Ribbon Week in the Clover Schools – and may be all over the world, I’m not sure.  Yesterday was Hat Day at Bethany Elementary, where Mallory & Clara go.  Since normally they can’t wear hats to school at all, this was a big thing for them, needless to say.  In fact, Clara […]

Tuesday Pix

Another good day yesterday, except that Mason was sick, so he didn’t get to go on his field trip to the pumpkin patch that I was supposed to accompany him on.  But, that did give me time to be in Rock Hill when the Hospice Thrift Store opened, to get the few remaining clothing items I […]

Ella Mae’s 90th

Sunday afternoon I helped Charlotte with her mom’s 90th birthday party at the church.  It was such a nice event – a good turnout, great food, and Ella Mae seemed to really enjoy it.  Addie & Lee brought the kids by, which was special for me.

Hairspray Saturday

Saturday was when the extended family came into town for the play, so I headed back over to see the play once again, so I could be with everyone for that.  Here is Elise with the Big Five after her final performance. Mallory & Clara – and their mom – had intended to only meet […]