Tuesday Afternoon

Another fun day yesterday – I spent the morning with Gran, & Shea was able to join us for lunch, now that she has her new job in Rock Hill.  I haven’t had a chance to visit with Shea in a while, so that was great fun.  Then after I picked Mallory & Clara up […]

Friday Morning with Mason

What a fun time Mase & I had yesterday.  We spent some time that morning scrolling through the Clover Presbyterian Preschool page, which has become one of our rituals when it’s just him & me here on Friday mornings.  Their policy is not to show the children’s faces in their pictures, but they are great about […]

Tuesday Pictures

Yesterday when I picked Mallory & Clara up from school we went to their house, because Lindee was due to be home early to take Mallory to Rock Hill to auditions for “The Nutcracker” this coming Christmas season.  I loaded up all the supplies & equipment before I left the house that morning, & when […]

Fall Ball Begins

Monday night was June’s first softball game of the fall season.  She’s still playing for the Clover Crush.  Here she is just as the game was beginning, taking her place on the field, with her dad, who helps coach at the games, out there with her.  I love this picture of her 🙂

Butts & Bluegrass

Saturday was the annual Butts & Bluegrass Festival in town.  What a great time we had – Jeff & I took Meg, Mike, & Hope with us, to celebrate Meg’s birthday earlier in the week.  There must’ve been twenty barbecue vendors there, & I actually could not sample them all.  Wow.  Good music, and bake […]

Fun Friday

Another good day yesterday.  Mason was here by himself in the morning, & we did a little bit of cooking, making marinade for chicken.  He was very interested in the way the soy sauce and oil stayed separated in the bowl 🙂   This picture looks a little crazy because it was a little crazy.  […]

Shampoo Bottle Monsters

What a fun afternoon we had yesterday after I picked Mallory & Clara up from school.  We came back here & had a snack, & then started on our craft – monsters made out of old shampoo bottles :-).  Here is Clara sketching her monster on her bottle before we started cutting… And Mallory, showing […]

Adam’s 6th Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Andrew & Jenny’s house to celebrate Adam turning six.  His actual birthday was Friday, but Saturday was the big celebration.  He had a monster truck cake.  So cute!   As our gift to him, we got him the Bean Boozled Game, after hearing a sterling review from my friends […]