Shadow Puppets

Yesterday is was another nasty, rainy day outside, so we spent the afternoon making shadow puppets.  Actually making them was a huge hit with all the grand ones who were here.  The girls actually got into it more than Mason did, but he was game to give it a try. Putting on the puppet show […]

At Applebees

Last night I took Meg and Hope out for supper, to celebrate the end of Hope’s summer vacation – she starts back to school tomorrow, as a sophomore!  Good food and even better company…

Bell Peppers

Our tomatoes have not been the best ever this year, but the cucumbers and green peppers have never been better.  The cukes are about played out now, and the peppers were, according to the tag stuck in the pot, supposed to be yellow ones, but both have been excellent.  I should’ve put something next to […]

Monster Eye Cake #2

June and Mason liked making this project, too. They almost always want a silly picture with their finished projects after I’ve made a good one, and here it is 🙂 When I took the kids home, I got to go for a ride in Addie’s brand new car.  It is awesome!  What a great way […]

Monster Eye Cake

Last week when Charlie & Adam were here, we made this specialty, which I think I’d actually heard about last Halloween, but just now got around to trying.  Making it was such a hit with them that we made another one yesterday when June & Mason were here.  Here we are getting the cake mix […]

Another Project That Didn’t Work Out

Last week when June & Mason were over we tried making hovercraft, using cardboard, spools, and balloons.  They really didn’t work like we thought they would, although just making them was fun, so all was not lost.  Here they are playing with them without the balloons.  They worked about the same either way :-/.

C & A Here for the Weekend

Weekend before last Charlie & Adam were here for the whole weekend, while their mom & dad went to Tennessee for the family Pontoon Outing.  It sounds like the folks in TN had a great time.  We had fun here, too.  Friday night we went to the Park Movie in town to see The Lego […]

Making Corn Pudding

When the kids were here a couple of weeks ago they helped me make corn pudding for supper – both for us, and to send home with them to their house.  I’ve lost my favorite corn pudding recipe that I got from Lee’s mom Bennie, so definitely need to call her & get her to […]