Green Bean Helper

A friend that Jeff works with, Patti, sent a bag of fresh green beans home with him from work this week – I think he said they were from her daddy’s garden.  Yesterday Mason helped me get them ready to put on the stove.  Yum, yum.  I can remember snapping green beans with my grandmother […]

Charlie’s Bible Sunday

This past Sunday was a big one for our Charlie.  He received his third grade Bible with the rest of his Sunday school classmates at their church in Rock Hill.  Jeff & I, along with Meg and Little Hope, and Sherri, who happened to be in town for a visit, headed over to be there […]

Early Morning Fire

Saturday morning, when the kids woke up, Jeff was already out burning, trying to beat the heat.  He called on his cell phone by about 7:30 to tell me he had a fire going, if anyone wanted to go down & join him.  Needless to say, we had several takers.  They helped pick up sticks […]

Tinting Flowers

Last night four of the six grandbabes spent the night – Mallory & Clara already had plans to go with Rick & Emma to the high school football game – and we tinted some flowers.  Normally we do this every summer with Queen Anne’s Lace that grows in abundance up & down our road, but […]

Indiana Pix

This was taken on our way to Uncle John’s funeral Tuesday morning when we were in Indiana – the men of the family.  At least these generations…   On our way to Madison we stopped by Mark’s job site in New Washington.  He had to drop a couple of things off, & Christopher was there […]

Uncle John’s Visitation

We got back late last night – actually early this morning – from a quick 48 hour trip to Indiana, for the visitation and funeral for Jeff’s Uncle John.  Dennis came by & picked us up Sunday night about ten, & we drove all night to get there.  Went to breakfast with Jeff’s mom & […]

Freedom Park

Yesterday was the last day that Charlie & Adam will be here this summer, so we headed to Charlotte, to Freedom Park, for a picnic and to spend a few hours.  It was great.  I had not been there in years (decades?), and it was so nice.  A friend I work with had told me […]

More Shadow Puppets and Swimming

After we made the shadow puppets, the girls were adamant that I leave all the supplies out so Charlie & Adam could have a turn at making them when they got here yesterday.  And sure enough, they liked making them, and putting on the shows, as much as their cousins did.  Unfortunately it was a […]