My Six-Year-Olds

I’m working on getting pictures downloaded that I’ve taken since we’ve been home from vacation.  These are a couple I took the week after we got home, when June and Clara were both at my house.  I thought this was the last time I would see them both as six-year-olds – June turned seven (!) […]

Meeting Families

The day after we got back from vacation was a busy day, but so very special.  It started out around lunch time, when I headed up to my friend Becky’s mom’s house.  Her husband Doug’s daughter-in-law and four grandchildren were in town for the first time ever, meeting as much of Becky’s family as they […]

Before we headed home from vacation…

…we made one more day of it, touring the Fredericksburg Battlefield before hitting the road south.  Fredericksburg is where my great-great-great (possibly one more great – I can never remember) grandfather lost his leg, so I was excited that we were staying close enough to visit there.  The visitor’s center was being remodeled, so we […]

Fords Theater

Our last day in Washington we visited the National Archives – no pictures allowed – and Fords Theater.  We toured the museum, & then went into the actual theater, where we saw the box where Abraham Lincoln was sitting when he was shot.  Here is Mallory in the museum. Across the street from Fords Theater […]

Smithsonian Museum of American History

Wednesday when we were on vacation we spent the entire day at the Museum of American History – Mallory’s #1 place she wanted to visit while we were in Washington.  Almost the first thing we saw were Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz – one of the things she most wanted to […]

More Tuesday Pictures

Here are a couple of more pictures from our visit into the city on Tuesday when we were on vacation.  This first one is a picture of the statue of John C. Calhoun, who was from South Carolina, and was vice president under maybe Andrew Jackson?  I never took South Carolina history in school, so […]

Tuesday in Washington

Tuesday in Washington started out not to be that great a day, as a matter of fact.  We had tickets to an early time to tour Fords Theater, but ran into by far the worst traffic we encountered on the entire trip as we were driving into the city, so we missed our appointment.  Then […]

Lazy Vacation Monday

After all our busy-ness of the three previous days, and all that we had planned for the rest of the week, we took Monday off to just hang around the condo & recuperate.  We slept late, read, watched a little TV, & just in general did as little as possible.  Jeff did run to the […]


We found out that we had a personal connection to some of the memorials in Washington, which made them even more special, if possible.  On the Vietnam War Memorial Wall, we found Emma’s cousin’s name – Roger D. Bell – with a little help from the volunteers there.  Just looking at that wall with panel […]