June & Mason’s Big Day

What a special day yesterday was for June and Mason.  It started out first thing in the morning, with June’s First Grade Awards Ceremony at Larne Elementary School.  My camera just does not take good pictures at all from a seat in the audience to the stage, but June won the Math Wizard Award for […]

Saturday morning it was back to Rock Hill to be there for Charlie & Adam’s last baseball games of the season.  They’ve had a good time, & we’ve had a good time watching them play.  The last few games Adam’s T-ball league turned into coach pitch, which they kids all seemed to enjoy.  Adam managed […]


When Jeff & I went to Rock Hill Friday evening to Charlie’s ballgame, by the time we got there it was storming so bad the games had been called.  So we headed to Sonny’s for some barbecue for supper – and I couldn’t believe the accumulation of hail there as we were walking up to […]

Crayons & the Choraliers

June and Mason had so much fun with the whole crayon melting project Wednesday that when Mallory & Clara got here Thursday, they wanted to give it a try, too.   It was as big a hit with them as it had been with their cousins. Then that evening I headed over to First Presbyterian […]

Corn and Crayons

A lot of days when the kids are here, our activities include cooking and crafts.  Wednesday was no different.   After we picked June up from school, we decided to give this craft a try that I have seen floating all over the internet, pinterest, all kinds of places.  As it turns out, June and […]

Adam’s Preschool Graduation

Tuesday night was another big milestone for our family – our fifth grandchild graduated from preschool.  The program was great – I couldn’t believe was they had all those four & five year olds doing – and Adam got an award for Most Improved Handwriting, for Counting to 100, and I think one more that […]