Wednesday Pix

We had another evening today.  Our Wednesday night church supper was provided by the Cub Scouts, and it was delicious – smoked chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, and rolls.  The man who did the cooking is the culinary arts teacher in Lancaster, and it was absolutely delicious.  Mason helped clean off the tables […]

Adam’s First Soccer Game

Last night Jeff and I traveled to Rock Hill to attend Adam’s first soccer game EVER.  Since he has never played before I wasn’t sure if he would be out of his element, but he played the whole game until an injury forced him out, and really did a very good job.  Got a couple […]

Donald Davis, Storyteller

This past Sunday afternoon my friends Evelyn, Pam, and I headed to Lancaster after helping clean up after communion at church.  We drove around McDonalds for a quick lunch, and got to the Lancaster County Arts Center in plenty of time for the afternoon show.  The facility was so cool – the original Presbyterian church, […]

Final Friday Pix

As the kids and I were heading out to walk to the car, we looked, and a locomotive actually pulled on the turntable at the roundhouse, and it turned and backed right into its bay.  Of course you can’t see it moving in this picture, but it was facing straight toward us when it pulled onto the […]

The Roundhouse

At the museum yesterday, my favorite site was the Roundhouse, which is where the locomotives were put into bays for storage and cleaning.  There were all sorts of interesting displays, of course.  This was one of my favorites.  After WWII, the country of France gifted the United States with a train of 49 Gratitude Cars, one […]

NC Transportation Museum, Part 1

Today I took Charlie, June, Adam, and Mason on our spring break outing to the North Carolina Transportation Museum, up north of Charlotte, in Spencer, NC. I have wanted to go honestly ever since we moved here nearly 40 years ago, and today I finally made it happen. We had SUCH a good time. Some […]

Ellie’s First Birthday Party

This evening we went to Denise’s house to celebrate Ellie’s 1st birthday.  Lindee was holding her when we got there – Ellie was feeling feverish and not that great due to shots she’d received earlier in the week.  Poor baby. After supper and some Tylenol, she perked up enough to enjoy her birthday cake 🙂

Presidential Culinary Museum

What a special spring break adventure we had today, when Jeff, Mallory, Clara, and I headed to Grover, NC, to take in the Presidential Culinary Museum.  Mallory and I had seen the billboards about it, and we just decided this was the perfect time to go check it out.  We got there in time to […]

Helping with the Bereavement Meal

Yesterday was my first time being in charge of a bereavement meal at church, and as it turned out, I had Mallory and Clara for the day, since it’s spring break week.  They went with me and were huge helpers.  Here is Clara taking around one of the dessert carts.