Hip-O-Kat’s 2nd Anniversary

Friday night Jeff & I went and picked up Maxie & Diane, and headed to Shelby to celebrate with Luke and Amanda at their store.  It was fun, and I got a new (to me) Braves T-shirt and jigsaw puzzle :-).  The band they had playing was a ukulele band called The Dancing Fleas, and […]

Live from Nashville

Last night the program at the auditorium was another good one – Live from Nashville:  Country Legends.  Minnie Pearl was hilarious 🙂 I got this picture afterwards of dear friend Charlotte and Bob Dowd on either side of this brother Roger and Roger’s wife Denise. I got a chance to visit with Denise for a […]

Gail Wallace

Sunday before we left Tennessee we met Gail Wallace, her husband Steve and stepdaughter Grace at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  She and I went to school together from first grade through college, and it was so much fun reconnecting.  Jeff got this picture of us as we were heading out.  Such a great way to […]

Wedding Reception

My camera battery died before we even got into the reception Saturday night, and my phone was at about 8%, so I got basically no decent pictures from that.  I did get this kind of blurry one of Hillary and her sister and maid-of-honor Rachel watching Josh and Renee in the mother/son dance. My camera […]

Wedding Day Pix

What a wonderful day we had Saturday, starting off our celebration of Josh and Hillary’s wedding with the traditional Uncles’ lunch for the out-of-town guests.  I got this picture of Andy and the groom during the event. After the brunch Sherri, Boo, and I made a quick visit to see Ms. Millie – she is in […]

Donna and Jody

We got into Franklin yesterday afternoon about 3:30 Tennessee time, and relaxed until Donna and Jody got here to pick us up maybe about 6:30.  We started talking the second we opened the hotel room door and saw their precious faces, and hadn’t stopped when they left the hotel at 11 PM.  They took us […]

Wednesday Pix

This is the hardest puzzle we’ve done in a long time, and I finally finished it late Tuesday night.  All those branches were a challenge! At BIG at church Wednesday night we studied the story of Lazarus, and the kids had great fun acting it out. That’s Mason in the blue T-shirt being Jesus, talking […]