Easter Sunday 2019

What a wonderful day we had yesterday celebrating our Savior’s resurrection!  As is our tradition, we gathered here after church on Sunday, and got family group photos.  I thought this one of the Yarbroughs turned out so, so good. My favorite picture every year…

Cowpens – Part 2

Here are a couple of pictures from the museum in the visitors center at Cowpens National Battlefield.  When the kids and I were at Brattonsville one summer day, they were having a special display, complete with costumed interpreters, about the battle there, and we remembered the man there demonstrating, as he was sitting on the […]

Our Busy Saturday

Saturday afternoon Jeff & I headed to Shelby to see our friends Cammy and Mike get married.  It was the first wedding we had ever been to in a biker bar, but it was a sweet, beautiful, God filled ceremony, and great fun.  Jeff took some pictures of the family groups while I was at […]

Tuesday Pix

Our azaleas are absolutely at their peak right now!  Hoping they’ll stay pretty for a week for perfect Easter pictures, but we shall see. Tuesday evening was Clara’s final elementary school chorus program. On the final song, she was one of the students who came down on the floor and played the alto xylophone.  At […]

Work Day, etc.

Saturday morning Jeff, Adam, & I headed to Gran’s almost as soon as it was light, and met Zollie and Cooper who drove down from King, NC; Greg, who drove up from Loganville, GA, and Nathan, who drove down from Holly Springs, NC, to work in Gran’s yard.  Meg and Mike joined us a little […]