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Mackinsey Sue

Thursday morning we got up and headed from Marietta to Loganville, where we were able to meet Mackinsey Sue McWhorter, our great niece who was born on May 6 – Clara’s birthday.  She was so happy and had the cutest smile, and I just could hardly keep my hands off of her.  She was the […]

More from Wednesday

We especially enjoyed seeing all the different trophies at the College Football Hall of Fame, including the Heismann.  Very cool. We got to SunTrust Park for the Braves game in time to check out the stadium, since it was the first time either of us had been – and then there was a rain delay.  […]

Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta

Mike dropped Meg & Hope off here at 6 AM Wednesday morning on his way to the men’s prayer breakfast at church, & we got on the road soon afterwards.  A couple of stops for gas/ice and for Dunkin Donuts coffee for Hope, and we got to the Centennial Olympic Park around 11 to meet […]

Lee’s Inlet Kitchen

Still catching up on pictures from our beach adventure last week.  Friday we spent the morning on the beach, and then headed down for an early supper at Murrell’s Inlet.  Food was delicious and company even better.  We got our waitress to take a picture of our crew. I really never order dessert when we […]

Zip Lining

It has long been a goal and dream of my friend Sherry’s to go ziplining, so while we were at the beach we finally made that happen.  Evelyn went, too.  Alas, I didn’t have any close toed shoes with me, plus of course the $50 it cost would take a lot of pondering for me […]

Wednesday Pix

Wednesday Charlotte & Sherry picked me up, & we were off on our annual buddy beach week.  I stopped at the bottom of the hill to get a picture of the concrete Jeff had poured to start that process on the driveway. Pretty soon after we arrived at Becky’s house at Sunset Beach we headed […]