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Saturday Pix

Yesterday morning we were in Rock Hill for Charlie & Adam’s basketball games. Sherri was in town visiting Gran, so she came over to watch them, too. I got this picture of Adam inbounding the ball to his lifelong buddy John Harper 🙂 It started snowing like crazy while we were in Rock Hill, and […]

Quiz Team

Quiz team season is winding down – June just has a couple of more matches – but they are doing really good. I got these last Wednesday. They won by their biggest margin yet, I think – we were proud.

Tuesday Pix

I don’t every often get to cook with the kids any more – most of them get out of school later now, and lots are busy with various practices and activities after school.  Tuesday, though, I took all the supplies and when we got to Lindee’s after school, they helped me make scalloped tomatoes for […]

Lunch Buddy

Tuesday I surprised Adam by bringing lunch to share with him at Cherry Park Elementary School.  Such a special time with one of my favorite people ever 🙂

Jack Frost has come!

Our weather has really run the gamut this week.  I took this picture last Sunday morning when I got in the car to go to church.  It took a while for the windows to defrost, for sure 🙂

Church League Basketball

Adam and his Woodland UMC teammates had the early game yesterday morning, so Jeff & I were in Rock Hill at 9 AM to see him in action. They played absolutely great, and after being down 10-4 at halftime, they came back & won 25-21. They played SO good, and Adam had three assists, one […]

Quiz Team

Wednesday we were at York Middle School to see June and her 7th grade teammates bring home another victory. I know I may be prejudiced, but this thing is really a gift of hers. A lady stopped us as we were leaving to tell June how great she’d played, even though, as the lady said, […]