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At the soccer field

This morning we headed to Rock Hill to watch Clara and her Clover teammates take on a team from Columbia, I think.  As usual, I got so excited when Clara was involved in the action that I forgot to take pictures, but did get this one of her as she was throwing the ball in. […]

Langley Cousin Gathering

Wednesday Meg rode with me, and we headed out early to get to Loganville, GA, for the annual Langley Cousin Gathering – my cousins on my momma’s side.  They have been doing this for several years, and now that I am retired I am finally able to make the trek down.  It was just so, […]

Playing for Empowerment

Monday night Lindee & I went to Mauney Memorial Library in Kings Mountain to attend a program called Playing for Empowerment:  Milltown Baseball During the Depression Era.  That was a little before the games Daddy used to talk about, but I was so glad Lindee heard about it, and it worked out for us to […]

Post Race activities

After we got everything cleaned up after the race, we all went out to eat our traditional post-race lunch.  We often eat at Little Italy, and it never disappoints.  Here is our crew as we were finishing up:  Andy, Renee, Zollie, Cooper, Taylor, Lig, Rachel, friends Patty and Daniel, Boo, me, Sherri, & Meg. We […]

Feed Stokes 5k

Tenth annual Feed Stokes 5k was yesterday, and while it was a nasty day all day long, it was a beautiful event.  This may be my favorite picture of the entire day – my great-niece Mia running past my checkpoint 🙂 And while everyone was not in this group shot, we wanted to get one […]

Clover Middle School Incentive

Friday morning I headed over to help with the incentive day for the 8th grade, for everyone who qualified grade-wise, behavior-wise, and attendance-wise.  At least I believe that’s what the kids told me the criteria were.  I got this picture of Mallory and her buddies Ayla, Shayla, andEmma, as soon as the event got underway, […]