Out in the yard

Jeff has done a ton of yard work while all of this is going on, & I got out this week and we walked around the trail together. Here are a couple of pictures. Our world is flowering and greening up beautifully, virus or not!

Anniversary Present

Monday Jeff & I celebrated our 45th anniversary – social distancing at home. The day before, though, Lindee and the girls brought us some brownies and a present – which they gave to us while we were a safe distance apart on the front porch. Of course the visit was the best part. This note was on the foil on the brownie pan 🙂

More from the state park

I think the kids could’ve stayed here playing the whole afternoon if we hadn’t gotten hungry.  I am thankful I found a log to sit on while they were keeping themselves busy.

The turtles were as glad to see the warm weather as we were, I think.

Hiking at Kings Mountain State Park

Yesterday June, Mason, & I got out of our houses for a little bit. This is the view sitting on the bench at the end of the Lake Crawford Trail. So pretty, and it was absolutely a gorgeous day to be outside.

It was too cold for them to actually get in the water, but I found a log for them to sit on, and they played while I watched until we had to head up to find a bathroom 🙂

Final pix from the Museum

About the last thing in the big museum to see was a cage, where you could stand like you were the umpire, and a pitcher threw at 90 mph fast ball right at the catcher in front of you. That was one fast ball, I’m telling you.

Our final stop was at the batting cage, where Jeff took a few swings. It was the first time he’d actually swung a bat in 20 years, and after whiffing the first one, I think he at least made contact on all the others. He was, however, out of breath and had a hurting back by the time he was done :-). What a great day.

More from the Louisville Slugger Museum

Of course I loved the information at the museum about the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, especially this bit about Dottie – one of my favorites in the A League of Their Own movie 🙂

Possibly our favorite part of the museum was this area where you could go in and swing bats that were actually used in a game by various players. Once we saw one of them was Johnny Bench, needless to say, Jeff had to give it a try. You had to wear batting gloves to keep the oils from your hands from getting on the bat, plus there was a plexiglass covering on the grip – but how cool is that? An actual bat used by Johnny Bench. Wow.

Louisville Slugger Museum

Today Jeff & I headed over to Louisville this morning to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum. What a fun, fun way for a couple of lifelong baseball fans to spend the day. We started off with the factory tour. No pictures were allowed while we were in the factory, but there were these giant signs of different MLB players & quotes from them about Louisville Slugger bats.

From there we went into the museum, and it was full of fun reminders of all the pieces of baseball history that took place with Louisville Slugger bats. Because Andy was such a fan, Willie Mays was a big part of my childhood, so I loved finding his picture, with his bats, in there.

Thursday in Indiana

Another low key day in Indiana.  Jeff’s mom & dad came by the hotel and picked us up, and we headed about ten miles up the road to visit Jeff’s brother Mark.  He is busy at work on his house, adding bedrooms to get ready for his new granddaughter, due to arrive the first part of May :-).  We visited a while, went out to eat at my favorite Indiana restaurant, and then went on a car tour of Henryville, the pretty little town where Mark lives.  We finished up the tour with a visit to Henryville State Forest, which surrounds Mrk’s property, but which I’d never been to.  It was a pretty hazy, overcast day, but the views were incredible.  It didn’t show up in this picture, but you could see Louisville, KY in the distance.  Now I’m looking forward to going back on a clear day 🙂

Checking out the views.