At the School Board Meeting

Last night we went into town to the monthly Clover School Board meeting, to be there when Mallory and her teammate Matthew Setzer were recognized for winning the Design Award at the first robotics meet of the year.  There is a bigger one of these trophies that is in the trophy case at the middle school, but last night they were each surprised with one of their own.  So proud!

Here they are with their teacher, Mrs. Russell. She has taught Mallory all three years that she’s been at the middle school in her Gateway to Technology class, and is so dear to us all.

Evelyn’s 60th Birthday Party

Sunday afternoon her buddies helped her husband Dennis and her daughter Elizabeth surprise Evie for her 60th birthday.  The actual day is still a week away, but this was just what worked best in everyone’s schedule.  Lindee took  this group photo during the festivities.

Clara’s soccer tournament

Saturday Jeff & I were off to Mooresville to watch Clara play in her final soccer tournament of the season.  It really was the best I think I’ve seen her play – so proud.  They won this game 2-0, & then Jeff & I came on home instead of hanging around and waiting for the night game.  They won that one, too, though, 5-0, but came up short in the Sunday game by that same score, so didn’t make it to the championship game.  They’ve had such a great season – we were proud.  This would’ve been a great action shot of Clara & her teammates if the ref hadn’t stepped right in front of me as I took the picture :-).  She’s the one you can see on the right in the picture.

So proud of this girl and all the Clover team.

Fun Thursday

Yesterday for lunch I was off to Bethany Elementary School, for Clara’s last Thanksgiving lunch before she goes to middle school next year.  Her other grandmother Emmy changed her schedule to she could be there, too.  Lindee got this picture of the three of us after we ate (and the food was actually very good for an elementary school lunch.)

Then last night was another program at the auditorium. Meg was out of town, so Jeff went with me to see the Masters of Soul put on a Motown tribute. I especially loved Ike & Tina Turner. It was such a fun night.

Making Christmas Ornaments

Jeff has decided that he wants us to do an old-fashioned Christmas tree this year – string popcorn, paper chains, have the kids make ornaments.  I’m not sure about that, but yesterday when June and Mason were here we did start making some ornaments – melting peppermints in cookie cutters.  They actually turned out very cute.  Here they are tying the ribbons on.

Veterans Day Programs

Monday we started off the day celebrating Veterans Day at Larne Elementary School, where Mason is in third grade.  They had a really nice, big breakfast for the veterans and their guests, and then presented such a nice program.  And afterwards they got a picture of all the parents and grandparents who were veterans and had come to be honored that morning.  Jeff is third from the right on the middle row, in his field jacket.

Then at lunchtime Jeff headed to Rosewood Elementary School at Adam’s invitation to participate in the Veterans Day program there. I stayed home to babysit little Keaton, but Jeff took the camera and got this picture of Adam and his fellow fourth graders when they were congregating in the gym. You can barely see Adam right in the middle – the little blonde looking down, in front of the girl in the light blue shirt.

Clara’s Final Soccer Game…

…of the regular fall season, anyway.  The Clover Blue Eagles had played earlier in the day, and then again in their final game that afternoon, so Jeff & I headed down to Columbia for that.  Here is Clara running hard to the ball.

Got this picture after the game of the undefeated league champions. We were proud!

Night Before Casserole

Thursday when I picked Clara up at school she didn’t have much homework, and it was a nasty rainy day, and we didn’t have to pick Mallory up until late, since she had chorus practice after school.  So I put Clara to work helping me make both of our households supper for the following evening.