Sunday in Wisconsin, Part 1

Last Sunday I headed out with Evelyn, Meg, & Pam for our first group bus tour ever, to spend a week in Wisconsin and Michigan. We flew into Milwaukee and got on the bus there, and we were off. We got our first glimpse of Lake Michigan when we saw the Green Bay. So pretty.

We stopped for lunch, and then were off to visit Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Door County. It was seriously the best lighthouse tour I think I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been on several. The lighthouses on the Great Lakes are much shorter than the lighthouses we are used to on the Atlantic coast, because the lights don’t need to be seen from so far away. We couldn’t go quite all the way up to the fresnel lens – this is taken through a piece of plexiglass – but I loved that it really did look like the lens in the museum at the Statue of Liberty – just much, much smaller.

LAST Friday

This is from Friday a week ago, when I picked the Clover grandkids up from school and took them out for supper and ice cream, to get in a good visit before we headed out of town. Eagles Nest was yummy as ever.

When I took June and Mason home we all spent some time visiting with Addie & Lee, and I loved seeing all the work they had put in and how beautiful their backyard was. Just a great, low key evening.

New Golfing Shirts

When we got to the girls’ golf match Thursday, the new team shirts were finally in. The girls all seemed to love the pink :-). Clara didn’t play – she’s still recuperating from the hip injury she suffered while playing goalie on her soccer team – but she was there to cheer the team on, so got hers to wear, too.

Wednesday on the golf course

We got home in Indiana in time to get to the Clover High School girls’ golf match the next day. It was the first time we’d ever seen a groundhog on the course in real life. Pretty funny.

Mal shot her best score of the season so far, on a course she’d never played on before. We were proud.

Final Meal in Indiana

The morning we were heading home from Indiana, we met Jeff’s mom and dad, his sister Susan and her husband Bobby, and his niece Carrie at Cracker Barrel. It’s always hard to say goodbye.

Dakota Fern

Sunday morning when we were in Indiana we met David, Marcelene, and Mark for breakfast – and Mark had Dakota Fern with him. We went back to his house to visit for a while, and had so much fun watching Dakota have so much fun 🙂

Hall Family Annual Alzheimer’s Benefit

One reason we chose this weekend to come to Indiana was to be here for this annual benefit. Jeff grew up with the Halls, and the siblings host a huge fundraiser every year in memory of their mom, who suffered from alzheimer’s disease, to raise money to go towards alzheimer’s research. In fact, it is the largest single day fundraiser in the state of Indiana. Jeff always has a great time seeing old friends, including Tony Hall, who is one of the hosts.

There are bouncy houses for the kids, and this year we also got to meet Christophers’ 15-month-old daughter Dakota for the first time – with covid, we haven’t been able to get up here to see her before. This isn’t a great picture, but she did love her first time getting to bounce 🙂

Really neat truck :-)

Friday we were driving up to Indiana to spend a few days with Jeff’s family, and noticed this great old truck behind us on the interstate. We are always interested in all of the old trucks we see these days, since Charlie is in the market for one. I tried to get a picture in the side mirror of the car – even though it wasn’t that clear.