County Cross Country Meet

Yesterday was the all county meet at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill. Charlie wasn’t real happy that he had to run varsity, since he knew he’d finish near the bottom of the pack, and he did, but his time tied his best of the season, so he was happy about that – and we were proud. Here is an action shot and one of him afterwards, before we ran him home. Andrew had to go straight to pick Adam up at a boy scout campout.

Friday Pix

Friday my friend Pam had to take her momma to have some eye surgery, AND was supposed to babysit her six-year-old grandson Jack. So we invited Jack over to spend the day with us, instead of him having to sit in a dr’s office for who knows how long. AND Mason came over to hang out. Mason’s best friend Branson happens to be Jack’s cousin, so they’ve hung out before at B’s house. They had a good time playing in the basement with all of the Halloween paraphernalia.

I thought Mason came up with a great idea for a Halloween costume. Alas, he couldn’t see, so that was one drawback. Still cute, though.

Cross Country

Wednesday evening we were back at Rock Hill High to watch Charlie in action on the cross country course. He ran really well, beating his PR for the season, & he was very happy about that – so we were, too.

Watching NLDS

Only a couple of the games have been shown live here, since we only have antenna TV. Luckily Jeff found a Youtube channel for me where they play the radio broadcase, while showing this graphic the entire time. Better than nothing, for sure 🙂

Saturday Pix

I was in Columbia today to watch Clara and her Clover 08 Elite teammates in action. They didn’t win, but played hard and left it all on the field. Here is the only action shot I got all day.

On the way home, my phone took me back roads all the way, which I really enjoyed – until the torrential downpours started.  I stopped & checked out a couple of Historical Markers along the way.  I was glad to see this about Colonel Bratton, since Brattonsville is a restored historical site here in York County, and I only hear about him as it relates to that.  So that was pretty cool for me.

Friday Night Racing

Today was the state championships at the BMX track. Jeff & I weren’t going to be able to go to those, so we went over last night for the regular races. There was a huge crowd competing, with folks already in town for the weekend, and the boys did great. I got this picture of Adam (in the red) on the final straightaway. He had to compete as a 12-year-old intermediate with the 13-year-old experts, one of whom is nationally ranked, so he didn’t make it to the main, but he certainly hung with them the entire race.

And got this of Charlie after the racing was over. He came in third in his 14-year-old expert division. Proud of these guys.

New Mums

One of the little girls in our Sunday School class – that I never get to see any more, of course – was selling mums for her dance company, so I bought a couple. Alas, I wasn’t here when they were delivered, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait til they bloom out completely.

The Overmountain Men

Tuesday evening Meg & I headed to Gaffney, to Henry L Jolly Park, for the annual presentation by the Overmountain Victory Trail’s Association on the anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain. Normally it is held at Kings Mountain National Military Park, but due to Covid restrictions by the NPS, it was moved to this lovely city park in Gaffney. They present it every year, and I have never been, but this year we made it happen. They just did such an excellent job. The reenactors were just spot on in their presentations – I loved it. This is the man who was portraying the preacher who traveled with the men from Abingdon to Kings Mountain, and who preached a sermon for them the day before the battle. He did a great job of showing the ways of an old mountain preacher. Very cool.

There were a few women in the group, and we really enjoyed talking with this lady after the program. There were probably 18 or 20 reenactors there, and she said that most all could trace their family heritage to the Battle of Kings Mountain – although they came from all over the country, which was pretty cool. She was very informative about the role women played during the Revolutionary War, so we enjoyed hearing that. And she said that in normal years they present their program to many groups of school children as they travel the route from Abingdon to Kings Mountain, but of course this year that just wasn’t possible. So glad we got to see one of their few performances.

Region 3 5A golf tournament

Today we were at the Chester Golf Club for the day-long tournament to cheer Mallory on. I didn’t get many action photos, but did get this one afterwards of the team – their last time playing together, since they didn’t advance to the Upper State Tournament in 2 weeks. Such a good bunch of girls.

Mallory will be going on to the Upper State, though, due to her third place finish in the conference. This is the only picture I could get of her getting her medal – she’s on the far right with the bow in her hair. For one thing it was so bright I couldn’t see anything on the camera screen, and it wasn’t exactly a ceremony – they just called her name and handed her a medal. We sure are proud.