New Mask

We ordered Clara facemasks for Christmas from an old friend in Tennessee, but I ordered too late, so just got them in the mail last week. I delivered them to her on Friday, & got this picture of her in her Harry Potter mask. So cute.

Snow Day

I have just now downloaded pictures for the first time in a couple of weeks, and found these that I took the day it snowed. Pics didn’t turn out great, but because we have a book tree this year we were able to leave it up. I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of our Christmas tree with snow falling in the background 🙂

New Years Day 2021

Like many people, we spent New Years Eve and Day at home this year, and it was fun to enjoy some of our new toys. Jeff actually got this record player from the kids a couple of years ago, but he took the time to figure out a place to put it, and to dig out all our old albums. Mallory got a turntable for Christmas, and that inspired him. We’ve had fun listening to our old favorites the last couple of days, including America, which was playing when I took this picture 🙂

Jeff got me a Mickey Mouse waffle iron for Christmas, in honor of our upcoming trip in a few weeks, and I cooked our first breakfast of the new year on it. We thought they turned out really cute 🙂

My Big Girls :-)

We celebrated our family Christmas here Sunday afternoon. I got almost no pictures, but did get this one of my three adult daughters. They don’t like me calling them the big girls or the old girls – they suggested my lovely ladies 🙂

Christmas Day 2020

We had a wonderful day yesterday traveling around to visit all of the kids’ houses, to see what everyone got for Christmas. First stop in the morning was at Addie & Lee’s, where we all had a good time playing with Mason’s new virtual reality headset 🙂

From there we stopped by Granny’s for a visit with her and Andy & Amy, who were down spending the day, and then on to Andrew & Jenny’s for a wonderful snack lunch. As much as I am uncomfortable around guns, this picture of Charlie with his new shotgun is, I think, my favorite of the day 🙂

A couple of more from Tuesday night

I am so glad we coerced Mallory and Clara into climbing over the lights and amongst the shrubbery to get their picture with the one horse open sleigh, because it’s one of my favorites of the night 🙂

From there we went to Harold’s to pick up to-go plates for supper, and in the interest of social distancing, just sat out in the car and ate our chili burgers and chicken strips. I’d heard of Harold’s forever, but had never eaten there. It was yummy.

Christmas Lights

This evening Meg & I took Mallory & Clara and headed to Gaffney, to Jolly Park, to check out their Christmas lights. What a fun, fun time we had. We got there a little before dark, and everything was lovely, anyway. Here are the girls at the entrance to the park.

After we finished up at the park we walked next door to the Cherokee County Administration Building to admire their lights, too, including this tree. I loved this picture of Mallory posing behind it 🙂

Book Tree, Nighttime Photo

This year with us being on vacation early in December, Penlands and Lutzs both ran out of trees before we could cut a live one, so we decided to give a book tree a try. We are really pleased with how cute it turned out.