Church League Basketball

I have not taken any pictures since before I got sick, and have just now gotten the most recent ones from before then downloaded. Saturday a week ago we were at Charlie & Adam’s basketball – the first one we have been to in a long, long time, since last year no spectators were allowed due to covid. It’s the first year that I can remember that they’ve ever played on the same team, so that was fun to watch. They had two games – lost the first, won the second – and it was exciting. Here are a couple of action shots.

Adam in the red to the left, waiting to go up for a rebound…

Charlie, # 25, and Adam across from him, also waiting to go up for a rebound. Fun morning.


We got lots of jigsaw puzzles for Christmas – among others, Jeff & I got each other one – and they were great entertainment while we were stuck inside during all of the bad weather we’ve been having. I haven’t worked on any since I came down with Covid last week – quarantining in the bedroom with no place to work one – but we sure worked a lot when the weather was bad and we were stuck inside. Addie & Lee gave me this one.

Yesterday’s Wrestling Match

Yesterday Jeff & I headed to Rock Hill to Dutchman Creek Middle School to see Adam compete with his wrestling team. I got this one picture of him in action, on his way to victory over his opponent in a bigger weight class. We were so proud.

And this one after the match. We were so proud!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jeff & I received several jigsaw puzzles for Christmas – one of our favorite cold weather activities – and this past weekend we got the first one put together. It was the only 500 piece one we received – we worked it first before we moved onto the larger ones. Fun, peaceful way to spend the day.

Wrestling Tournament

Last Saturday we were in Fort Mill to watch Adam participate in the middle school wrestling tournament. It lasted all day, & we stayed several hours, as long as Adam was wrestling. It was a double elimination tournament, and Adam won two matches and lost two, so we headed to Charlie’s basketball game after that. Here are a couple of pictures I got during the day – one as he was waiting for his match to be called, and the other as one of the rounds was just starting. This is the only kind of action picture I can ever get. Once the wrestling action starts in earnest I get too excited to take pix 🙂

My Prize Package!

One very exciting thing that happened for me last month was that I won the big prize package that my niece Diane (nephew Nathan’s wife) was giving away as part of the Norwex cleaning supplies company that she is a part of now.  To be perfectly honest, when I told my other niece Lesley that I’d won this, and how many great things I got, she said, Do you really clean that much? 🙂  She knows me so well.  Anyway, Addie wanted to be here with me when I opened the boxes, so I had to wait until that fit in our schedule around the holiday, and then we all had a fun week passing around a stomach virus, but here it is.  We had a fun time going through everything – and then we went out to eat lunch to celebrate 🙂


Lunch with Daniel

Last Tuesday was such a fun day. I picked up the grand girls – Mallory, Clara, & then June – and we headed to Matthews to meet Mint Hill Smiths for lunch. It was Diane with their four children, and we had the best time. I got to sit next to 7-year-old Daniel, and he was such a fun dining companion.

He also had great fun turning around & talking to Mallory about the new Spiderman movie and Ronald Acuna, their favorite Brave. Such a fun day.


Earlier this week Andrew brought Charlie, Adam, and their friend Raleigh out to do some shooting in our woods. Adam got his first gun for Christmas, and all of the other guys, including Jeff, already had guns, so they had a fun day. I got this picture of Charlie with his shotgun, with Adam looking on.

I walked down to take some pictures, after calling to let them know I was on my way so they would stop shooting til I got there, and they talked me into giving it a try – my first time ever to shoot a gun. Here I am with Jeff’s 22, I think he said it was called, with Adam looking on again. He really did have turns shooting throughout the morning 🙂

Christmas with the Rock Hill Longs

Jenny had to work on Christmas Day, so they didn’t celebrate Christmas until Sunday, and we went over to have lunch with them, as has been our tradition on Christmas for years. Jenny took this picture of us with Charlie and Adam. Such a fun day