June’s first quiz team match

Yesterday afternoon we headed into town to watch June compete in her first quiz team match – she’d missed the one last week due to basketball practice.  Mallory missed this one since she’d been sick all week.  I got this picture of June while she was on stage, although you aren’t allowed to take pictures during the actual competition.  She did great – answered several questions.  We were so proud!

When we were waiting for June to get all her things together to leave, I found the trophies that Mallory helped win for the robotics team.  She has personal ones at home just like these, but I loved seeing them actually in the trophy case 🙂

Saturday’s basketball

We started out our day at Adam’s basketball game, at New Kirk Baptist Church in Rock Hill.  I got virtually no action pictures of him on the court, but we were so excited that Jenny’s folks, Cliff and Donna, came up for the day.  We just don’t get to see them very often at all, so it was so nice having time to do a little catching up.  Got this group picture after the game.

From there it was on to Tirzah, where we watched Charlie and his team in action.  He’s #25, with the blue stripe on his shorts, passing in to his teammate under the basket.

Latest puzzle

Our latest jigsaw puzzle is one we got at a friend’s vintage shop probably a year ago, and am just now putting together.  It was from 1967, and was missing two pieces.  Jeff worked on it, though, and made us the missing pieces.  I think he did a great job!

June’s basketball game

Last night we were back at Blue Eagle Academy in town, to watch June play again.  They didn’t win, but June really played such a good game.  I thought she was way more intense than she was the last time we saw her, so we were proud.  Here are a couple of action shots.  I almost never get a picture of her handling the ball, because every time she touches it I get so excited I forget to take a picture.  Maybe next game I’ll do better.

And I really never get one of her looking towards the camera, for some reason.  This is about the best one I’ve gotten so far 🙂

First Quiz Team Match of the Season

Yesterday Emma, Clara, & I were off to Springfield Middle School in Fort Mill for the first match of the year.  June is on the 6th grade team, but had basketball practice, so had to miss this match.  There was some sort of bus issue, so while the spectators got there in plenty of time, the Clover team was probably an hour late.  Oh well – it gave us plenty of visiting time.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the match itself, but I did get this one as the team was getting set up for the competition.

Mal and her bestie, Lacy Emma, before a later round.  Clover ended up losing in overtime, 25-23, but we still thought they did really good.

Adam’s basketball game

As soon as Mason’s game was over, Jeff & I hit the road for Tirzah, to see as much of Adam’s game as we could.  They were about half way through the third quarter by the time we got there, so I didn’t get a ton of action shots, but did get this one during a lull in the action.

And this one of our cutie afterwards…

Mason’s basketball game

Mase played yesterday at noon, so Jeff & I headed into town for the game.  Jeff had been to his game before Christmas, but this was the first time I’d been able to see him play.  I was so proud!  Here is a shot I got of him in action.  He’s green #11.

We left straight from his game to head to Tirzah to watch Adam play – pix to follow of that – but we stayed long enough to get a photo of our star with his fan club after the game was over, a 22-11 (?) victory:  Mallory’s friend Shayla, Jeff, Clara, Lindee, Lee, Mase, Addie, Mal, Lee’s mom Bennie, & Bug.  We were proud! 

Native American Studies Center

Our final stop yesterday on our Christmas Break Adventure was at the Native American Studies Center, in Lancaster.  It’s part of the USC system, and is a great museum dedicated to all of the Native American tribes in the state.  There are some permanent exhibits, but this outfit was part of one of the rotating exhibits.  It was the story of the man, and I can’t remember his name – a Native American & a doctor – who was instrumental in organizing the Native American groups in the state to work together.  He just died within the last couple of years.  There were several of his native costumes on display – I thought this was beautiful.

Got this picture of the girls as we were heading back to the car.  We had such a good day.