Manchester Trail

I enjoyed my walk last week at River Park so much last week when I went to see Gran that today, when I headed back to Rock Hill, I decided to go back and check out one of the other tails.  Alas, when I got there, the park was closed in preparation for the arrival of Florence.  So I just headed to Manchester Park to walk there.  I really didn’t know there was a greenway there – I figured I’d just walk around the soccer fields, since it isn’t far from Momma’s house.  I loved seeing this mileage signs with areas I’m so familiar with, but I wasn’t really interested in walking that far 🙂

I’ve been to Manchester many, many times to watch grandchildren play soccer, but honestly, I didn’t even realize there was a lake there. It was really more of a pond, but was so pretty. Great way to kick off the day.

At Eagle’s Nest

Yesterday when I picked June and Mason up from school we went to get ice cream and visit for a while.  Lindee & I had play tickets last night – we went to see Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera – so instead of bringing the kids out here just for that little bit, we just stayed in town.  It was a fun time.

Tuesday Pix

Tuesday morning I had to head up to Fort Mill to sign some papers at the lawyer’s office, and when I went around the curve and saw this outside the fire department, to commemorate 9/11, it just took my breath away.

Then that afternoon when I picked Clara up from school we made Brownie Bats. It’s a little bit early to be working on Halloween activities, but a friend sent me this idea on facebook, and I thought it was so cute I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Back at Waterford

Getting pictures downloaded from this past week, since we may be without power soon!  Monday we were back at Waterford Golf Course, where Mal had played Friday, for a regular match against Northwestern and South Point.  It was the first time we had ever seen her play in the rain, and while we had to wait a while for them to start – they have to wait 30 minutes after a lightning strike before they can get out on the course – it really only drizzled.  They never even had to get out their rain jackets.  Here are a couple of pictures of our girl in action.  She’d scored 47 on Friday – her highest score ever on that course – and she made a 48 Monday, which we thought was pretty good in the rain.

Clara’s soccer season…

…actually kicked off today.  They had a preseason tournament last weekend, but today they played their first league games.  We traveled to Columbia to cheer them on, and Clover won both games in shutouts.  So proud.  In the second game our girls had to wear the vests, since they had on white shirts and the other team had on light grey.  That’s Clara in the headband.

She wasn’t real excited that I wanted to take her picture after the second game – it was hot and she was exhausted. I did get this funny one, though. We think her smile may have been less than sincere 🙂

Golf & the track

Yesterday was the big annual Northwestern Invitational Golf Tournament, and Mallory and her teammates played in that, so we headed over to watch her.  Unlike most of their matches, this one is 18 holes, so that is a long way for those girls to walk and push their carts and play.  Mallory had medaled in their regular match the day before, but yesterday she sort of fell apart on the back nine.  I’m not sure if it was because she got so hot and tired playing that long – I got hot and tired riding in a golf cart watching her.  As always, we are still proud!

We came home, fixed a frozen pizza for whatever you would call the meal you eat at 4 PM, and then I got a nap in while Jeff cut the grass. And then it was back to Rock Hill to the track – because that it what we do these days. It was Adam’s first time racing since moving up to the ten-year-old Novice Class, and he did a great job. Won the second moto and really almost came back to win the main. We were proud and he was excited.  That’s a blurry Adam in the blue in this picture.

Wednesday Pix

Rather than walk up and down our road yesterday morning, which is what I usually do, I decided to check out a trail in Rock Hill, since I was heading over there to visit Momma anyway.  I went to River Park, and loved getting out beside the river.  There weren’t too many other people out walking, so it was very peaceful, and just listening to the river run was a wonderful way to start the day.

Then yesterday afternoon while June and Mason were here, we gave the teabag rockets a try. They liked them as much as Clara did the week before.  You can just see this one lifting off.  It didn’t make it all the way to the ceiling, but it came close.  Good times.

Mallory acolyting

A couple of weeks ago June served as an acolyte in church for the first time; this past Sunday it was Mallory’s turn.  Once again it was during the early service, so I had to watch her on the TV screen in the nursery, but she did a good job.  Here she is assisting with the offering.

She and Rachel did stop by the nursery on their way back to the sacristy to change clothes, so I could get this cute picture of their smiling faces.