Mother’s Day

Yesterday Andrew and the boys came to take me out for lunch – Jenny was working – and Lindee and Mallory happened to stop by at the same time (Clara was home sick), so they went with us to Pizzaman in town for a yummy meal. We got this picture real quick as we were all going out separate ways afterwards. Wonderful day.

Adam’s basketball game

Last night was Adam’s final regular season basketball game of the rec league season. I got this photo of him at the foul line, where he made one in helping his team cap off an undefeated regular season. Tournament is next week. It was a close game, and so much fun to watch.

Got this picture of all our guys together after the game.

Kathy’s visit

Monday morning Meg & I met a dear friend from Tennessee, Kathy Short, who was in Charlotte for a visit with her parents. Meg & I both actually used to babysit her and her brother when we were in high school. We had a wonderful catching up session at Cracker Barrel, and got this picture before we all went our separate ways. Lots of laughing went on that morning, for sure 😀

Gran’s last azalea

When I was at Momma’s house for the day Sunday, I got this picture of her late blooming azalea. It was almost the very same blooms – the first picture taken at noontime under the bright sun, and the other at dusk. How funny is it that the color changes so much? It really is purple 🙂

New Carpet

Saturday we were so excited that Zollie’s crew was here to install the new carpet in our spare bedrooms. We love the color and think it looks beautiful in both rooms. We are busy now – and by we I mean almost exclusively Jeff – getting furniture put back in place.

Glencairn Gardens

Wednesday morning Meg and I spent an hour walking around Glencairn Gardens in Rock Hill before we went out for brunch. It was such a beautiful day to be outside, and that is such a beautiful place.

Glencairn Gardens is really known for its azaleas, and they have already come and gone this year. We did enjoy spending some time in the rose garden, though. Lovely.

Adam’s basketball game

Jeff & I have so enjoyed being able to see Adam play basketball this rec league season, since no spectators were allowed in the church league games. Here he is in action this week, shooting and scoring 🙂

And afterwards. I couldn’t get him to smile – he told me he WAS smiling – and Andrew had to remind me that he’s in middle school now, so he’s just too cool for some things anymore 🙂

New lights

One of Jeff’s goals for a while has been getting the lights put up outside the basement, in preparation for getting a patio poured there this summer. This week he finally made that happen. They really look good.