Mason’s back!

This morning Lee had a meeting for work, and Addie had an appointment to take June to the doctor to get her sports physical for school, so for the first time in four months, Mason came over & hung out with us for a few hours. It had been sooooo long since we got to cook together, so we had fun getting some gingerbread in the oven.

Hanging out at Addie’s

This afternoon, for one of the very few times in the past few months, I went to Addie’s to see their newly redone kitchen that they have been working on while quarantining. I am so proud of them – it is beautiful, complete with backsplash tiles that Addie stenciled. They are so smart.

June had worked up a Fourth of July routine on the trampoline, so she showed it to me – and I didn’t manage to get a single picture of all the back flips, roundoffs, etc. that she was doing. This is what I got. SMH. She did a really good job, though.

Fourth of July pix

As I told some people, I think this was the most low-key Independence Day Jeff & I have ever had, but are so thankful for our little celebration we had here at the house with just the two of us. We are blessed.

More pix from today

Our hike this morning ended up at the waterfall. It wasn’t that big, but still beautiful and it felt so good standing next to it.

On the way home we stopped in Rock Hill to drop off Andrew’s birthday present, and Adam got to show us our new grandchickens 🙂

Rocky Creek Trail

Jeff & I got up early this morning & headed out to do a little hiking in Great Falls. The trails were mostly in the shade, which was nice.

I really want to go back with the grandkids sometime. They would love playing on these rocks in the creek along the trail.

Back at the golf course

Today we were back at junior golf at River Hills, to watch Mallory in action. It is just a beautiful course.

For Christmas, Lindee & family got Jeff this t-shirt that said Golf Papa, and he wore it today. Needless to say, we had to get a picture of them together after the match 🙂

Our flowers

I’m so thankful that our flowers are looking so pretty this year, since we are spending so much time at home. And I need to get out to pick the blackberries again – that’s what’s on the right in this picture.