Cooking and a waterfall

Yesterday when we got here after school June and Mason helped me get a couple of meatloaves made for supper – one for our house and one for theirs.  It was the first time they had actually handled the squishy meat mixture, both mixing and putting it in the pans.  Mason was way more into that than June was 🙂

Jeff walked outside with them after we got that in the oven, to check out the creek waterfall since we got the big rain earlier in the week. It has been dried up for a while, so they were all excited to see it back in action 🙂

Clara – Tuesday

Today Jeff and I headed out to Bethany Elementary School to watch Clara participate in their local Battle of the Books.  They didn’t place, so won’t be going to the district competition on Friday, but they were the only team made up of only fourth graders, and they only lost by six points, she said.  It was fun watching – here they are during the relay part of the contests.  She was pretty sad that things didn’t go better for them, but we’re hoping for better things next year!

Then after school we went to the house and got a snack and watched a little TV and rested, and then I took her to the dentist to get sealant put on her teeth. She did great!

Adam in the Woods

This afternoon Adam and Mason came over to help Jeff out in the woods, to work off their time paying for the windows the broke last summer.  I wasn’t feeling great, but did get down to get a couple of pictures of them at work.  They got a good bit of cleaning out done, and after that was accomplished, they found a wonderful swinging tree.  Not sure how long this branch will hold up, but they are having a good time on it while it does!

Jeff wasn’t going to try to get this big log out that was partially in the creek, but Adam and Mason were bound and determined that the three of them working together could get it done – and they did!

Fun Friday

Yesterday Jeff took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and got some work done out in our woods.  I even went out and worked with him for a few minutes!  Other than that got some cleaning done, and then when they got out of school, met Addie and the kids in town.  She took Mason to get a haircut, and June and I went to the auditorium, so she could show me her artwork that was included in the district wide art show.  Here she is with her tiger – wearing glasses 🙂

Then last night we headed to the BMX track to watch Charlie race. Between basketball season and the cold weather we didn’t really want to brave, it was the first time we’d been to watch him in several months. That’s him in second place in the second moto, and that’s how he finished that race. He did a good job.

The Lion King

Last night we headed out to Bethany Elementary to see Clara and the rest of the school choir perform in The Lion King.  They were so cute, and just did a great job.  Clara is the elephant pretty much in the middle of this picture 🙂

Jackson took this picture of us afterwards. We were proud!

Our last snow?

At least we’re hoping.  I took this Wednesday morning when I headed out to go to Gran’s house.  The deck was covered with about this much snow, and I did go through a couple of patches where it was coming down between here and there, but it didn’t last long.  And we were out working in the woods in our t-shirts today.  Ready for spring weather to be here to stay!

Tuesday Fun

Tuesday morning I met Charlotte for breakfast, and then as soon as I got home Jeff and I headed to Rock Hill to meet Maxie and Diane to do some bowling.  The first ball I rolled was a strike – after that, about half of them were gutter balls.  Ha.  Great time, though.

Then that afternoon Clara helped me cut up fruit to take to my circle meeting that night – it was my turn to provide refreshments. She did a great job.

Happy birthday to Addie!

We celebrated A’s big day with lunch here Sunday after church.  All were here except Jackson, who was off on a golf weekend, and Jenny, who was working.  Meg and Mike joined us – it was a good time celebrating our baby girl 🙂

Super Saturday

Started off the morning in King, where I helped out at the 9th annual Feed Stokes 5K/Half Marathon.  It was great having my nephew Nathan there running for the first time!

Then home in time for a nap before heading to Clara’s Biblical Studies Release Time pancake supper fund raiser, and watching her sing with her Bible buddies at Bethany Elementary. They did such a good job, and I am so, so thankful for this program.