Junior Golf

Today we went to watch Mallory play golf at Springlake, the club where they are members, so although it’s not her school’s home course, it’s very much the one she is most familiar with.  And we were there to see her make her best score ever on 18 holes – 91.  We were proud.  Here she is with Terren and Catherine, the other girls in the threesome she was playing in.

The Little Mermaid

Sunday evening Mallory & I went to Rock Hill to see Elise’s final performance in The Little Mermaid, put on by the Showtime Theater Company. It was SO GOOD. I had a hard time getting a picture during the big ensemble presentation of the Under the Sea song, because everyone was just dancing and tumbling everywhere. So, so cute.

I did, however, get this picture of our star and our girl afterwards 🙂

Picture on a Rock

Jeff recently got some truckloads of fill dirt delivered to the house to use in some yard work he’s been wanting to get done.  In the dirt are some huge rocks that he wasn’t expecting, but is pretty fired up about.  He was especially excited to see this one with what he says looks like a picture of Jesus on the bottom.  I can see the face, too

Thursday Pix

Our Thursday started out with Granny getting out of the house for the first time since she left rehab.  We had an appointment at the bank to sign some papers, so off we went.  She got all the way down the ramp and across the carport all by herself – woo hoo!

Then last night was our last night of Bible School for the year.  Here are our preschoolers during recreation.  They loved Simon Says :-).  June is in the back in the pink tie dyed shirt, being Simon 🙂

In Paul’s House

All of our stories at Bible School this year were from Paul – we were in his house, and he was telling us stories about his life.  The night I took this picture he was talking about him and Silas being in prison, and how the Lord broke the chains.  The kids loved that.  June was our youth helper, and the kids loved her, too.

Bible School Decorations

This year the theme of our Bible School was Athens.  The decorations you can buy from the publisher are so expensive that our director, Jon, always just makes his own.  Luckily he is very gifted artistically.  The waterfall was one of my favorite things.

At the BMX Track

Friday night we finally got back to the track to watch Charlie & Adam race – and alas, it was rained out.  We did get to see each one of them run one moto – here is Charlie, who, I think, came in second that time.

We were so excited when we got there to see Lindee & the girls there to cheer them on.  When it got rained out we just headed to Freddy’s for ice cream and catching up.

Fourth of July

We celebrated Independence Day with Addie, Lee, and kids, and some of their friends.  Fireworks were a huge hit, of course.  They kids laid (and jumped) on the trampoline for part of the show.  Here is June helping Becky Ann’s daughter McKenna out.

Beautiful way to end the evening.