American Museum of the House Cat

This past weekend my friend Charlotte and I went on our annual birthday trip, and spent a long weekend in the Bryson City, NC, area.  We had a great time – as always – and our first stop was the American Museum of the House Cat.  I love a museum of any kind, and Charlotte and I have found some very interesting ones on these annual adventures.  This one certainly was :-).  It was two rooms just filled with every single thing you could imagine about pet cats.  There were maybe a couple of tigers in there, but mostly every single display was of a house cat.  This is one of probably ten or twelve shelves he had just of wind up toys from over the years.  We were really lucky in that the owner was our tour guide, so it was very interesting – and he wound up a couple of toys for us.  Definitely something to see!

I really liked this shelf of cats. Their eyes followed you in every direction. I had seen that in flat paintings before, but never really in a statue that I can remember. It was a fun stop on our trip.


Lindee and I have had season tickets for the Broadway Lights series in Charlotte for probably fourteen years, but we are not renewing them next year.  I am a little sad, of course, because we’ve had so much fun, but she is so busy with the girls’ schedules now that it’s becoming something of a headache for her to work out the schedule.  Anyway, our final play was last week – Hamilton.  What a way to go out.  I couldn’t believe it could live up to the hype, but it was AMAZING!!!  Here is our picture at the theatre.

Regional Tournament

Yesterday was the big match for Mallory and the rest of her girls golf team.  This is the only action shot I got of her all day, but she did great.  She scored a 96 on 18 holes.  The only other time they’d played 18 holes she scored a 105, so definitely improving!

These three. SMH. Terryn, Mallory, Ginger. They have all rotated among the top three all year, and are such buddies. Ginger made the all-region team yesterday, and we were SO proud!

Little Hope is home!

My friend Meg’s daughter Hope is loving college so much that she hasn’t been home much since she went back in August, but she was here over the weekend.  And we went out to eat Mexican after church Sunday to get at least a little bit of visiting time in.  Clara was with us – Lindee was working and Mallory had gone with Jackson to play golf – and I got this quick picture before we left the restaurant.

Battlefield Lantern Tour

Last night Jeff & I headed out to Kings Mountain National Military Park to take the nighttime tour.  A friend from church, Cathy Allen, told me about it, and Jeff agreed to go with me.  It really was very cool.  We walked around the very nice, paved Battlefield Trail, and there were reenactors along the way.  This was the wife and daughter of one of the soldiers, looking for their husband and father to bring him food and water.  All the reenactors did a great job.

State Championship Race

What a great day we had today at the BMX track.  It was the state championship race, and while both Charlie and Adam raced, Adam had not qualified in the right races to actually compete for the state championship.  They both did a great job, though.  I got this picture as soon as they both won their first motos.  So proud!

Both won their races, and Charlie actually ended up winning the state championship in the 12-year-old intermediate division. Adam wanted to get his picture made on the first place podium with his trophy, even though they really were just for the championships. We were so proud of them both!

At the golf course

Tuesday afternoon we were back at River Hills watching Mal play golf.  She did better than she had the last couple of matches, and then Wednesday when Jeff went to watch her play – I had June and Mason & we had church that evening – she tied as medalist, so she finished her season on the upswing.  Regional tourney is Monday!