Saturday Pix

Yesterday morning we were in Rock Hill for Charlie & Adam’s basketball games. Sherri was in town visiting Gran, so she came over to watch them, too. I got this picture of Adam inbounding the ball to his lifelong buddy John Harper 🙂

It started snowing like crazy while we were in Rock Hill, and kept it up for several hours. I tried to get a picture of it, which didn’t turn out at all, but here’s the best I could do when I got home 🙂

Quiz Team

Quiz team season is winding down – June just has a couple of more matches – but they are doing really good. I got these last Wednesday. They won by their biggest margin yet, I think – we were proud.

Tuesday Pix

I don’t every often get to cook with the kids any more – most of them get out of school later now, and lots are busy with various practices and activities after school.  Tuesday, though, I took all the supplies and when we got to Lindee’s after school, they helped me make scalloped tomatoes for everyone to have for supper.  The dish was mediocre at best, but the kitchen help was out of this world.

That night was another performance in the Performing Arts Series in town, & Jeff & I went to meet our friend Evelyn there.  It was the Folk Legacy Trio, made up of two former members of The Kingston Trio, and one guy who had been with the Limelighters.  Two & a half hours of the best folk music – it was great.

Lunch Buddy

Tuesday I surprised Adam by bringing lunch to share with him at Cherry Park Elementary School.  Such a special time with one of my favorite people ever 🙂

Jack Frost has come!

Our weather has really run the gamut this week.  I took this picture last Sunday morning when I got in the car to go to church.  It took a while for the windows to defrost, for sure 🙂

Church League Basketball

Adam and his Woodland UMC teammates had the early game yesterday morning, so Jeff & I were in Rock Hill at 9 AM to see him in action. They played absolutely great, and after being down 10-4 at halftime, they came back & won 25-21. They played SO good, and Adam had three assists, one basket, one blocked shot, and several rebounds. It was so exciting that I really didn’t think to take action pictures, although I did manage to get this one of him taking it out right in front of us 🙂

Quiz Team

Wednesday we were at York Middle School to see June and her 7th grade teammates bring home another victory. I know I may be prejudiced, but this thing is really a gift of hers. A lady stopped us as we were leaving to tell June how great she’d played, even though, as the lady said, she’d beaten her son and his team. So proud.