McGalliards Falls Park

This morning Jeff & I headed to Valdese, NC, to check out this park I just read about on the internet. When we got there the gates were locked, but there were other people parked on the shoulder of the road and walking around the gates, so we just joined them. They left soon after we arrived, though, and we really had the entire park to ourselves. I got this picture standing in the middle of the creek, looking down toward the falls.

And this one after we’d walked down below the falls, next to the old grist mill. It really was a beautiful park. I’m so glad we decided to go.

At the golf course

Today was Mallory’s final golf match of the Junior Golf season, and Sherri and Gary got here to watch her. It was at Rock Hill, & they only played nine holes because a terrible storm was coming up – and in fact, it started pouring soon after we got in the car. I did get this picture of Mal with Sher and Gar before everyone left out.

Sunday Funday

My day yesterday started out with Parking Lot Church. It’s definitely not the same as worshiping inside, but I’m so thankful for our church, and enjoyed visiting with Cathy Curtin, who was in the next car.

Then in the afternoon we had a birthday gathering for Gran on her carport. We missed Zollie & Renee, but it was so great being together.

Falls Park on the Reedy

Today Addie, Lee, June, Mason, Mallory, Clara & I spent the morning in Greenville exploring this park right downtown. It was just lovely – here are a couple of pictures of the falls. Beautiful.

A Walk in the Woods

Today Jeff & I took a quick amble around our woods – I had an appointment for a pedicure, so didn’t have a ton of time to tarry. Jeff walked in front to knock down any spider webs that had gathered since the last time we were through there 🙂

Today’s Pix

This morning I headed over to visit Adam, who fell Sunday at the BMX track in Boiling Springs and broke his arm :-(. He had his appointment with the ortho late this afternoon, and they decided not to put a cast on it – they are going with a hard splint to start with. With the type of break he has they don’t want a hard cast compressing the bone and cartilage. He goes back in two weeks for follow up x-rays to see how it is healing, and they’ll decide then if they need to go with a hard cast or continue with the splint. When I was over there today he said it was hurting most of the time, and we were hoping the cast would take care of that. Now I’m hoping the hard splint will.

There was one day lily bloom on our plant today. It’s looking pretty scraggly, but I wanted to get a picture – I figured it might be our last one for the year. They have been lovely.

At Chester Golf Club

We were back on the golf course today, watching Mallory in action. She didn’t have her best score of the season, but she had moments when she played unbelievably well. We were proud! That’s her in the green.